A native New Yorker, Margie Steinmann had an early introduction to fine art through her great uncle, the renowned outsider artist Harry Lieberman. After a successful career in the Los Angeles recording Industry, Steinmann reconnected with her artistic roots during a stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She currently lives and paints in Manhattan. Steinmann’s works have been described as, "maps of our collective unconscious that we did not know existed before we saw them."


First Street Gallery, “Alone Together”, Nov. 1-30, 526 West 26 St., NYC
New York International Arbitration Center, 150 East 42nd Street, NYC, March 19-Jan. 19

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Vaclav Vytlacil Memorial Award

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Manhattan Borough Presidents Offices, December 1 - January 19
Painting With Pictures April 7-June 7 ARTJAIL, NY, NY
Art For Japan April 6-7, Studio 57, NY, NY

Me Me, Me, 6th Edition of The Pool Art Fair, NY, NY
The New Jersey Show, 103 Design Co., Jersey City, NJ
Jean Gates Trust Award, Paradise Valley, Arizona

(solo) Paintings By Margie Steinmann, Weill Cornell Medical Library, NYC June 22-Sept 22
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“Artist Showcase Award”, Manhattan Arts Int’l “21st Anniversary Competition”


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Always evolving and ever-surprising, Margie Steinmann's paintings at The First Street Gallery must be seen. One emits a feel of brushed beigey sand, another the dust of crushed leaves and finally there is "Heraldry". Deep crimson with light shining through. It was as if Ms Steinmann had hidden a ruby sun within her canvas. I wanted to touch these brush strokes and caress the imagined velvet and chenille. It is yet another new for this amazing artist.

L. Creston, writer

Steinmann's entrancing paintings pull me in. Their seeming simplicity is misleading. The longer I spend with her abstract compositions, the more their complexity reveals itself. I am able to sense a mysterious -- even magical world -- just beyond what first meets the eye.

Barbara H. Moore, Poet

Each one of Margie Steinmann's paintings is a self-contained universe of drama, emotion, and line that takes one on a journey; they are maps of our unconscious that we did not know existed before we saw them...and the colors are sublime.

Barbara Berger, Senior Editor
Barnes and Noble, Inc.

Another species of abstraction entirely is seen in “Salt”, a painting by Margie Steinmann, who can be a buoyant colorist and spinner of complex compositions, but here restricts herself to a palette of brownish hues and simple circular forms to evoke a sense of earthly essences.

J. Sanders Eaton
Gallery&Studio, (February-March 2008)

Steinmann’s work literally leaps off the canvas in a joyous explosion of color and passion for life. They are an unleashing of her deep, personal emotions both positive and negative. Her experience in the popular music field is reflected in the overall lyrical, gestural quality of her compositions. She is fearless in exploring her visual language through lavish color, intricate patterns and bold forms. She is a fresh artistic force to be reckoned with.

Nancy di Benedetto
NY critic, Juror, Historian

Steinmann is fearless in taking her art to new levels. She doesn't replicate, she creates. Each painting is a journey that brings her personal history and her sublime use of color into harmony.

"Margie Steinmann: Colors Of Passion"
The Jewish Post, March 30, 2007, p.10

The oils of Margie Steinmann appear to allude to clustered figurative forms and landscape shapes without sacrificing their abstract autonomy. In canvases such as "Sweet Danger" and Keeping Track" for example, Steinmann generates a rhapsodic chromatic and gestural energy by virtue of her softly diffused yet vibrant colors and muscular paint handling.

Maurice Taplinger
Gallery & Studio (Nov-Dec 2006)

Your creative efforts produced the most enormous, beautiful and special presentation of artwork. The work lit up the streets in the NoHo Neighborhood.

Harriet Fields
Executive Director, NOHO NY BID

Margie Steinmann harks back, for the tactile surfaces and sheer chromatic sumptuosness of her abstractions based on still life motifs, to The School of Paris; yet Steinmann's compositions also possess an immediacy and a gestural vigor akin to that of The New York School, making them exciting hybrids in the best tradition of postmodernism.

Maurice Taplinger
Gallery & Studio, (November-December 2005/January 2006)

Margie Steinmann combines School of Paris colors with New York School gestures in a highly successful synthesis. Steinmann is not afraid to be chromatically seductive and rugged at the same time, resulting in compositions at once vigorous and sumptuous.

Robert Vigo
Gallery & Studio, (April-May 2005)

For a rare treat stop by the 3 To 1 Wine Bar for Margie Steinmann’s new show. These abstract works are immediately accessible with vivid colors from an explosive palette…explore uplifting and engaging art.

Dan Stedman
Editor, The L Magazine, (Year-End Issue 2004)

Steinmann combines her theatrical and musical background with her study of painting and ceramics to produce highly engaging, innovative works of art. Her images are filled with the drama of expressive color juxtaposed with form... To view her work is to experience the poetry of a profoundly personal language that is both compelling and mysterious. Her lively brushwork is in a constant state of evolution. Her work is more than what meets the eye at first glance and it continues to haunt the viewer long after the first impression.

Renee Phillips
Director, Manhattan Arts International